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Driving while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol is wildly careless, however, a lot of individuals are injured or die in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, initiated by individuals driving drunk yearly.

Drunk driving incidents are frequently made even more unsafe because drunk drivers have a delayed response time and might be unable to make remedial action as fast as a straight driver would. In some states, intoxicated drivers are facing criminal consequences for their activities.

Thankfully for victims, intoxicated drivers are additionally liable for any damage they were the cause of, and victims could be capable of getting compensation for their damages in a personal injury claim.

Liable For Injuries

Occasionally, someone’s neglectful acts also added to the drunk driver on the road and hurting another individual. There are many legal models where a third party aside from the actual drunk driver could be held responsible for harm produced by the intoxicated driver.

State laws apply to a restaurant or bar that sold alcohol to:

  • A minor below 21
  • A markedly drunk adult who was driving

So, if the underaged or drunk adult later instigated an accident, the restaurant or bar may be held responsible and be ordered to repay compensation to the victim. This law was created because the bar or restaurant realistically should predict an underaged or drunk individual would drink the alcohol that they were served, drive drunk, and hurt another individual.

Social host responsibility can happen for those giving alcohol to underaged persons at a party. A host can be an individual person, club, boss, frat, etc. However there is not social host responsibility in some states for giving alcohol to legal adults, even if the adult looks clearly intoxicated.

Negligence Per Se

Breaking of DUI laws can be seen as negligence per se in personal injury circumstances. By that definition, a DUI is negligent according to law. To recuperate damages, the victim should not need to do anything after showing carelessness than to show that the driver broke the law.

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